What is Holistic Health Coaching?

"I believe in awareness. It’s key to your health and fitness, and it’s not just about the workout you do, but an experience you feel your way through. I teach my clients to feel their bodies and breath and then move into other movements.

I’m a huge fan of using the tools you have in the environment you place yourself. I work with my clients to incorporate functional movements with their true lifestyles.

Having trained with and learned from master coaches Kelly Starrett and Jill Miller, I believe that spinal alignment is key to the body’s support system and strength. Our work together will include spinal stability and proper alignment. I focus on alignment and movement, having great form and being able to move pain-free. My own coaches and their philosophies have played a major role in my development as a coach.

I believe we are all meant to move. Our society has created an environment where we move less, which usually results in bad mechanics and posture, pain and injuries. I help people understand the need to move and hope to inspire you to move daily."

Holistic Health Articles, Tips and Recipes:

Learning to soften

Here I am on a friday night. I’m truly happy to be sitting outside on the chair in my alley, although it’s getting a bit chilly here in So Cal. Yes, the alley is my outdoor space and I am surrounded by some beautiful potted plants and trees. This space give me fresh air allows me time to just be and breath. I’ve been working on softening in many ways, but the best way I’ve […]

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Welcome to my new website. It’s been a long time coming and my goal is to provide you with information to inform and inspire you to live a healthy balanced life. I’ll mostly share about the two things that I love: movement and food. Why movement? When I was younger the mile run was the movement I disliked most in life. In challenged me physically because I couldn’t breath. In junior high I had an […]

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