One-on-One or Group Training movement-based, functional movements for everyday life!
Dynamic workouts strengthening all the major muscle groups while paying particular attention to your core and abdominal muscles!
Collaborative training plans focusing on strength, stability and mobility.
Training is available at your home or my base gym!

For individuals new to training, adults who have specific goals in mind, or others who are looking for maintenance, my movement-based approach is designed to prevent injury while elevating strength and conditioning. I work with you to improve your basic movement patterns and fix any compensated movements. We also address agility, speed and balance in our sessions. Our meetings are fun and collaborative so you can achieve your goals. I train my clients using multiple modalities focusing on core muscle strength, spinal alignment, functional movement patterns and cardiovascular endurance. I’m a huge fan of using the tools you have, including nature.

Our dynamic workouts incorporate strengthening the entire body while paying particular attention to engaging the abdominal muscles and spine. I teach my clients how to get to know their bodies better.  Special attention is paid to learning how to stabilize the spine and move in a safe and efficient way. Movement progresses as you gain more motor control, mobility and fitness. We build strength through foundational movements first, then safely incorporate additional movements and intensity. Training may include intervals and combination movements to challenge you mentally and physically. Benefits also include injury prevention, posture improvement and alignment, breath awareness, as well as overall strength and flexibility.


  • One-on-one functional movement training for adults on functional movements for life
  • Collaborative training plans focusing on strength, stability and mobility
  • Private small group training at Oak Park/CFLA
  • We train at your home or at Oak Park/CFLA depending on your needs. We work together to create a plan of action.