Learning to soften

Here I am on a friday night. I’m truly happy to be sitting outside on the chair in my alley, although it’s getting a bit chilly here in So Cal. Yes, the alley is my outdoor space and I am surrounded by some beautiful potted plants and trees. This space give me fresh air allows me time to just be and breath.

I’ve been working on softening in many ways, but the best way I’ve found is through yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years now and I love it. I don’t love all the poses, but I love the process of it. I get to bring my own little mat into a space and be guided through movement and breath. At the end of class I usually feel amazing. Many thoughts have come to mind and physical and emotional challenges have come up and I try to soften and breathe through them. And at the end I’m just laying there as relaxed and calm as can be.

I’m gentle and soft with dogs and children in particular, but not as much so with myself. It sometimes appears this is norm, but don’t want it to be. I see it in some of my students too but a lot of them just keep on cruising. I’m still working on being better at it. I figure if I can work on breathing through some physical pain I can learn to forgive myself for whatever judgment I have.

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