Welcome to my new website. It’s been a long time coming and my goal is to provide you with information to inform and inspire you to live a healthy balanced life. I’ll mostly share about the two things that I love: movement and food.
Why movement? When I was younger the mile run was the movement I disliked most in life. In challenged me physically because I couldn’t breath. In junior high I had an inspirational gym teacher that taught me how to lift weights and that’s when it all started. While lifting weights I gained confidence and strength, which made many other things easier. It had appeared that I had found my love of movement.   As I share more about myself you will see it’s never stopped.
Why Food? It’s delicious and beautiful.  Through cooking and eating people can connect.  It nourishes our body, fuels us and can prevent disease. Cooking and baking allow me to be creative and share that love and creativity with others. As a kid my mother didn’t let me in the kitchen that often, so when I got that freedom I had fun.  I also found that my diet affects how I feel and perform which has inspired me to keep exploring  different foods.
I’m happy that you are here reading and hope I can be an inspiration. If you are in search of a coach for both kids and adults you’ve come to the right place because I love helping others.
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